We are excited to announce the launch of MX 2.0. We’ve listened to you and reimagined the interface and functionality to enhance your MX experience, making it easier than ever to keep your data moving.

We have streamlined everything to navigate faster, be even easier to use and crucially still securely always sending your sensitive data (with full tracking).

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

It’s 2021 – time for ‘send and forget’ fileshares to give way to data exchange. You need to keep tight control over the data that’s shared around your project and ensure everybody is working to the latest version. Stop wasting time reverting to email and other less secure file transfer methods, and start bringing valuable data transfers together to transform your data exchange policy. 


What does MX 2.0 include?

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‘No limits’ file sharing across your company and supply chain

  • Two ultra-fast ways to share data  
  • Send, download, and distribute from one place 
  • Any file size, any file type or folder

Built to protect IP from threats at every stage 

  • 256-bit encryption 
  • Cipher block chaining 
  • Enforced log-in, download limits and timed expiry 

Full tracking and control of data movement 

  • Searchable audit trails for evidence and accountability  
  • Revokable transactions and users  
  • Filetype blacklists and accountable admins 

MX can even save time, and speed projects to completion by allowing innovators to send unlimited technical data in a single standard transaction 

Who uses MX?

  • Design engineers 
  • Architects 
  • IT managers 
  • Start-ups 
  • SMEs 
  • OEMs.  

Thousands of businesses are already using MX. It can benefit your project, your organisation and your supply chain, by saving time, cutting costs and creating an environment that encourages collaboration. Discover some of their stories.

Get in touch to learn how MX can work for you.

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