We are excited to announce that our industry ready data exchange tool – MX – has been upgraded with new collaborative features to help you communicate in real time and capture project-critical details when you send and receive files. 

We’re taking our favourite collaborative features from online life, and adapting them for our own goal: faster, easier and more secure data exchange for modern businesses.  

How does MX Conversations help you share files better?

Your projects deserve precision, so we’ve taken a different approach. This is a chat tool with a purpose.

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Every file sent (with Conversations enabled) arrives with a dedicated Conversation window in which the sender and recipients can converse to clarify details such as: 

  • Data version 
  • Timescale 
  • Additional recipients to include 
  • Next steps 
  • Corrections 
  • Project intentions 

Safety note: For peace of mind, conversations will only activate on a per-transaction basis when enabled by the original sender. Safety messaging reminds users of who will be able to see what.

A data-focussed chat tool that keeps discussion to-the-point 

We’ve all been there – the scrolling and searching through work chat streams to find that comment left by someone who’s on leave. Here’s what we’ve done differently to help you avoid that: 

  • Keeping you on-topic – with MX each file sent has its own conversation stream – to send another file, you must start another transaction and cannot reply to the conversation by uploading another file. This format encourages relevant and useful discussion.  
  • Recording critical details – MX’s searchable activity records already let you pinpoint what was sent to whom, and when. Now, MX records your Conversations as well, allowing you to uncover why actions were taken even after old email inboxes are erased. 
  • Key discussions in one place – Conversations brings together the parallel discussions from email, messaging and other tools for convenience and searchability.  

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See the bigger picture with Linked Transactions

To continue the Conversation beyond a single transactionyou can send a new file in transaction that is linked to the first transaction. Keeping clear boundaries between transactions is important for reviewing past activity to resolve disputes and monitor data security. 

But don’t worry, MX’s new Linked Transactions feature complements Conversations so you still get flexible collaboration. 

Linked Transactions allow you to join related transfers together. Users can follow the links between closely related data packages and Conversations, and see the connections which create the bigger picture.


How else does MX power data exchange with collaborative features? 

We didn’t stop at Send and Receive. Learn how forwarding and external user creation let you exchange data flexibly with your whole supply chain. Find out more


Already an MX User? 

You can access the latest collaborative features with MX Business Premium. To discuss your current MX plan, and to learn more about upgrading to Premium, please contact us.

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