As an engineering specialist at a company working closely with OEMs, you regularly use innovative tools to handle the data that goes into competitive products. Real-world innovations across your industry start with your own output.

Under constant pressure, success takes more than technical knowledge – your power to innovate depends on meeting tight deadlines, often on multiple projects at once. With competition never slowing, you will be measured not just technically, but on your ability to deliver designs, virtual prototypes, and business-critical data on time.

Unfortunately for many companies, outdated technical issues often obstruct swift file transfer. FTP servers and email clients – the most common methods of corporate data exchange – delay specialist staff with file size limits, requiring large data packages to be broken into smaller chunks for transfer. Add to this a range of overlapping internal and external data exchange solutions, and simply finding the right data or the right recipient becomes needlessly complicated. These are specialist files, and they deserve proper handling to free time for real work.

Believe it or not, the solution – MX Data Exchange – may already be in limited use within your organisation. Many companies use MX Data Exchange to receive data from OEMs, but whatever your current data exchange solution, MX can expand or scale to overcome the data exchange obstacles for any size of company. Running entirely in browser, MX places no limits on the size, type, or number of files per transaction. From a refreshingly simple interface, you can make and receive ultra-fast transfers both internally and externally without changing tools. A detailed transaction history and automatic ‘data received’ notifications ensure quick access to data at all times.

By modernising your data exchange with MX, you will move beyond technical hurdles that belong in the past, and free time to concentrate on the work that matters. Rather than transferring in stages, MX will allow you to send large files – from entire engine models to multi-file packages – in one smooth transaction. With data from any stakeholder easy to locate and bring into your project, you can spend your focus on what comes next, and complete the project without the frustration of submission errors.

With MX as your data exchange solution, you will spend less time fighting technical obstruction, and more time delivering on the projects you were hired for. Data exchange should be easy – and MX has the functionality for the job.


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