Jaguar Land Rover has – as you’ll now be aware – chosen to use MX as its data exchange platform. This will now be replacing the use of Leapfile for both internal and external data transfer. 

We know that switching platforms can be disorientating, even with the most intuitive interfaceSo, to help you get your bearings, and manage an efficient transition, you’ll find some key information belowFind out how MX data exchange gives you control of your data, and how you can get your supplier account. 

What is MX data exchange? 

MX is your ultimate exchange and collaboration solution from Majenta, enabling secure file transfer to and from Jaguar Land Rover. An intuitive and collaborative portal that allows you to manage, distribute and govern the data you send, bridging the digital connection between you and Jaguar Land Rover. 

What are the benefits of using MX for data exchange? 

  • MX allows you to perform an unlimited number of transactions. 
  • There is no limit on the file size that can be transferred. 
  • MX provides a full audit trail of what data was sent, when, who the sender was, who the data was sent to and whether or not that data has been downloaded. 
  • By using MX, your data is encrypted at all times and can only be downloaded by the intended recipient or a Jaguar Land Rover administrator. 
  • With MX, transferred data will expire after a number of days or downloads. 


How do I get an account? 

If you have never used MX before, you will need to follow the instructions to request a new password, which will activate your account. Please lookout for an email from Speak to your IT group if this email does not reach your Inbox, Spam or Junk folders. All future emails will either come from or Existing users who receive emails from MX will not need to take any action here. 

Who can I send data to? 

As a Jaguar Land Rover Supplier and External User, you can only send and receive data from Jaguar Land Rover personnel. If you wish to send and receive data with other companies or within your own organisation, please have a look at our MX subscription plans and get in touch with our team. For more information, please visit 


Are there any prerequisites or software that I need to install to use MX? 

MX requires a modern HTML5 browser, other than this, there are no other prerequisites required to use MX. 


Which browsers do and don’t support MX file transfer? 

We recommend using MX in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera as there is one feature (folder upload) that Internet Explorer and Edge do not support. 


Do you have a question about MX data exchange that isn’t answered here? 

Take a look at our full FAQs at , or feel free to ask the team on 



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