Last month, we sent out a survey to our MX users to help us understand if they are fully utilising MX, thank you to all who took part.

From the survey it was very clear that the most popular features of MX included its capability to handle any file size, being simple to use and super-fast, but there were features such as one-click audit logs and file-type blacklists that are completely underutilised. Here is a brief summary of our findings…

MX Features

The most popular MX features

The top three most popular MX features were shown to be:

  • Unlimited File Size – There are no limits to the size of files or folders that can be sent or received.
  • Simple to use – The user interface is easy to navigate with no clutter or confusion of advanced features.
  • Automatic activity notifications – Email notifications are sent to the sender and the recipient at key stages of the
    transaction and also as reminders if files are not downloaded.

These were closely followed by MX’s super-fast transfer speed and enterprise-grade security.


The least known MX features

The results from our survey showed the least known feature, or hidden gems as we like to call them, to be:

  • One-click audit logs – Keep track of your network’s activity and generate CSVs and PDFs instantly
  • File type blacklist – Prevent specific file types from being transferred i.e. .ZIP or .EXE
  • Robust audit trail – Email address of the recipient(s) and their IP address is reported on and is stored for up to 5yrs for
    audit purposes


Centralised data exchange policies that businesses are using

From our survey, it was great to see that 77.84% of participants said that they have a centralised data security policy for sharing sensitive data in place. However, to our surprise, over 79% of participants are transferring sensitive data through unsecured means such as email, FTP sites or USB sticks. This can be detrimental to the data and cybersecurity of a business, whether you’re sending sensitive data, design components or your critical business information, using these methods of data transfer, fails to protect your IP and increases the risk of your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

















Lastly, what do people really think of MX?

No need to take our word for it, the results from this survey show that MX users would rate MX Data Exchange 9.5 out of 10!











Did you know that MX can be your organisation’s primary data exchange tool? – Join us for an MX Immersion Session to find out more.

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  • Thursday the 17th of September
  • Tuesday the 22nd of September


  • Why MX?
  • Inviting / managing users
  • Sending data
  • Reviewing past activity & locking data
  • Longer-term sharing (Distribution)
  • Admin controls
  • Intro to MX+

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