We are excited to announce 2020’s winter updates for MX Data Exchange, including new functionality and enhancements to make secure collaborative data exchange even easier. We want the tool to meet all your data exchange needs, which is why MX has undergone a full service and upgrade.  

MX Data Exchange now boasts refreshed underlying architecture, and updated infrastructure behind the scenes, with an all-important customer takeaway – upgraded performance. MX is now faster and smarter, with reduced load times, and globally upgraded performance with particular benefits for the Asian, Australian and American continents. 

That’s not all – there are more new features in the works, scheduled to roll out throughout 2021.
Can’t wait to find out what? Our team would be excited to tell you what’s coming to MX, feel free to contact us at: hello@majentasolutions.com


What’s new? Features and enhancements now live

#1 Transaction forwarding

MX users are generally very satisfied with the platform, but there was one feature that users felt would make the experience even better. Well, we’ve listened, and we’ve acted.  

MX Data Exchange now allows users to forward transactions from within the ‘download data’ screen. So how does it work? 

  • You’ve just received a data package, and you think that your colleague in head office needs a copy as well. Now you can simply add a new recipient(s) and forward the transaction. 
  • You missed someone important off the list of recipients for a design component. Forward the original transaction to them, without reuploading the data 

Forwarding gives MX users another way to get key data to everyone who needs it. For those transactions that don’t fit into the pre-planned recipient list of MX distribution groups, this new feature is ready to make sharing even more effortless.  

How is this better than email forwarding? What makes this so ‘MX’? The secure-by-design philosophy is as strong as ever. The original sender must enable forwarding on a per transaction basis – so when your data is sensitive, full control is still the default.  

And of course, for all forwarded transactions, the original expiry date still applies, and all activity is fully trackable.

#2 Step-by-step account reconnection

One of MX’s most important function is connecting companies with a channel for easy data sharing. For this reason, we have strengthened the tool’s ability to cope with the kind of occasional disconnection which can happen if (for example) your company has not exchanged data with a less active partner for an extended period. MX will recognise your prior connection to the company in question, a with a few clicks you will be able to request reconnection from the relevant internal staff.  

#3 Licence usage safeguard

Being able to easily manage your software licence usage is crucial to proper budgeting. With this in mind, our timesaving ‘bulk import feature’ has been upgraded to help you monitor your MX licences. Should your bulk import csv contain more entries than there are available licences on your plan, MX will prevent account creation and give you a chance to amend your csv, or to revisit which MX plan is most suitable for your needs.  

#4 Enhanced notifications

We are proud that MX requires minimal, or even zero, training to use effectively. It was designed that way. Why make the user read a manual when the tool can guide them as they go? Across the board, MX’s notifications have now been updated for current needs, including consolidated MX+ notifications, real-time feedback on encryption progress, and more efficient feedback from MX.  


For a quick run-through, watch our MX Winter Release 2020 highlight video.

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Did you know that there are more features available to MX+ users? 

Contact our team to learn more about the bespoke services and extra features which can be incorporated into MX+. 

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