As an executive in a company which works closely with OEMs and a wider supply chain, your decision making must balance your organisation’s internal needs with its external relationships. When it comes to the way your company shares data, this need is more pressing than ever before.

With accelerating digitalisation and more data being shared within and between companies, it is no longer enough to ensure fast transfer speed for users. You also need to ensure that the sharing of valuable data happens in a way that is both secure and accountable for your organisation.

Unfortunately, many companies (79% of participants of our data exchange survey) are still transferring data through unsecured means such as email, FTP servers and even USB drives. These are often unsecure, with no guarantee of encryption, making sensitive intellectual property more vulnerable to theft at various points on its journey. These methods are often viewed as easy options, but limit your ability to track the movement of data in and out of the company. With design and business data becoming ever more critical, this is a precarious situation to leave unaddressed.

The solution may be closer than you think. If your organisation uses MX Data Exchange to receive data from OEMs, you may already be familiar with its ultra-fast no-limits data exchange capability. For companies of any size, MX provides secure data exchange with 256-bit encryption behind the scenes, and a simple secure-by-design front-end interface that limits opportunities for unsecure user activity. Adding transparency to security, MX allows you to track data exchange in granular levels of detail right down to the downloader’s IP address.

By sharing your intellectual property securely and transparently with MX, you will equip your company to work professionally and accountably no matter how complex your data sharing becomes. Your users will love MX’s ultra-fast transfer speed, and your partner organisations will work with you more confidently knowing that all parties’ intellectual property is secured against data breach. MX’s searchable transaction history and proof of download will easily smooth dispute resolution between companies.

There’s more to data exchange than speed alone. MX’s intuitive user-approved functionality can protect intellectual property and simplify trust-based supply chain relationships. Go beyond basics. Discover fast, secure, and accountable data exchange with MX.


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