In this short video, our Digital Construction Account Manager, Sam Lissaman discusses the role an Information Manager plays throughout both Digital Construction and BIM projects. Sam also explains why this role is often outsourced to a third party.


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What is the role of a BIM Information Manager?

An Information Manager is appointed on a Digital Construction project to ensure that the client requirements, as defined in the initial procurement documentation are met. This includes coordinating, validating and policing the model asset information and the model itself as the project grows.

Key responsibilities of an Information Manager:

  • Clash Detection
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Overseeing the Common Data Environment
  • Reporting on the progress of the project


Why would you outsource this role?

You may outsource the role of an Information Manager because:

  • You don’t have the capability or resource inhouse
  • Clients may request that a third party carries out his role to avoid conflicts of interest amongst design teams


How does this role work on a typical project?

For Majenta, we work through a structured process of assigning roles and responsibilities as early as we can on a project. We will capture all the information necessary to breakdown and quantify specific needs for each project. This allows us to effectively cost a service package that supports the life cycle of a project and ensures a smooth handover.


How can Majenta support you with Information Management?

  • Information Management Services
  • Common Data Environments
  • Supply Chain Integration Support


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