In this short video, our Digital Construction Account Manager, Sam Lissaman discusses why so many Digital Construction design teams outsource or look for support with Digital Construction modelling, as well as how this would work on a typical project.

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What project support may design teams require?

Whether you’re a design team with experience working on BIM projects or whether you’re a design practice that is at the start of their journey, you will need to interact with several software and platforms, such as:

  • Revit
  • Common Data Environments

It is possible that your role may vary from project to project and you may be asked to supply different things, these could include:

  • Digital O&M Manuals
  • Clash Detection
  • 3D Modelling
  • COBie Authoring and COBie Validation

These are often the types of services that we support design teams with.


Why would you outsource modelling and support?

Delivering on Digital Construction projects can have it’s own challenges and complexities;

  • Lack of in-house experience with various documents or standards as well as modelling itself
  • Lack of resource – Free up your already stretched team to work on core projects and deliverables

Because of this, you may find yourself in need of an external party to offer support.


How does this work on a typical project?

At Majenta, we can support design teams at various points within their project, in some cases we can be there from the very beginning as an agreed service provider to ensure a smooth delivery.  In other cases, we can be brought on later in the project, if a project requires additional support and assistance.

How would this work:

  • A design team will approach us for assistance
  • The design team will then send over all key project documents and specifications
  • Majenta will then issue a scope of work and will often meet with key members of the project team as and when required to agree on delivery and timescales


Looking for support with Digital Construction or BIM Projects?

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