With less than ten years left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we must act fast as a global community to reduce our levels of energy consumption.

Businesses must adopt a more sustainable approach to managing and maintaining their processes. If we continue to embrace the “take-make-waste” model, the damage it is doing to our planet will soon become irreversible. Virtual “twin” technology is the solution to this problem.


What is virtual “twin” technology?

A virtual “twin” is a real-time digital representation of a complex product, platform, or ecosystem. As well as providing us with information throughout a product’s lifecycle, virtual “twins” enable us to predict how a product or process will perform. They can be used to model systems such as cars, wind turbines and even human hearts.

Rather than enduring a lengthy process with multiple mistakes, virtual “twins” will help you to predict how your product will perform in advance and therefore significantly reduce the number of errors you make.

Virtual “twins” are currently used for 85% of the world’s electric vehicles and 75% of global wind power. Considering they save a huge amount of time, energy, and resources, they are underutilised.


Will adopting virtual “twin” technology optimise my business strategy?

In the Construction Industry, virtual “twins” can be used to optimize energy usage in buildings. Energy consumption can be reduced by 30-80%! In the Automotive Industry, OEMs can test multiple designs and features, eliminating aspects of prototype testing at vehicle level to show how the design measures against policies and standards. The Pharmaceutical Industry can also adopt this framework through creating plant models, product structures and even patient models. These industries only represent a fraction of the benefits that virtual “twin” optimisation brings about.

Ultimately, every industry can benefit from adopting virtual “twin” technology; it increases efficiency and optimises business performance; however, the innovation must be there, and executive leaders must take the opportunity to implement it efficiently into their processes.


To find out more about how you can implement this technology into your business strategy, download this eBook now.

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